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Humidity Control System

To keep your piano in tune longer, Dampp-chaser has designed a Humidilifesaver-1.jpgty Control System that keeps your piano at 42% of humidity all year long.  Since we have a hot humid summer and a cold dry winter, the piano is constantly changing pitch.


The wood shrinks in the winter and expands in the summer which makes a piano go out of tune faster.  This system will definitely preserve your piano, it will double it's life.


This system gives a longer life span, better sound and performance.  It is the best to keep all parts ajusted correctly.  The felt inside the piano does not shrink or expand so you get a better feel of the piano.


We are proud to service, sell and install Piano Life Saver Humidity Control Systems.  We are certified by Dampp-Chaser Corp. to install these systems in your piano.








Standard Price for systems:

             - For vertical pianos, the system costs 578$ installed.*

             - For vertical pianos that need a backside vertical system (rare), the system costs 902$ installed.*

             - For grand pianos (smaller than 7'), the system costs 678$ installed.*

             - For grand pianos (7' to 9'), the system costs 982$ installed.*




5 Year Warranty

Dampp-chaser is so convinced that their product works that they offer a 5 year warranty on all parts except for humidifying pads. The warranty is applicable only on systems installed by a professional technician.


Contact us for more information.


*  Taxes not included

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